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At Baanfai, quality always come first. The majority of our tie-dyed clothing are made from natural cotton, which will made you feel comfortable.


Creating a tie-dyed clothing is not too difficult. If you have some free time, just follow the basic instruction below, and you will feel really enjoyable.


1. Prepare the equipment; a cotton cloth, rubber string, and fabric dyes.


2. Wash or boil the cotton to remove any chemicals that may be in the fabric, so the dye will penetrate well. Dry the material completely before dyeing. When the fabric is dry, you can begin tying it.


3. Fold the garment into different shapes; such as, Spiral, "V" Pattern, Stripes, and Concentric circles, before tying.


4. After the material is all scrunched up and tied, add the dye. Be sure to use enough dye to fully saturate the material, including inside the folds. Choose colors that work well together, according to the color wheel. Opposite colors on the wheel (red-green, blue-yellow, orange-purple, etc.) will tend to look muddy where the two colors meet.


4. When finished with the dyeing process, let the fabric dry completely. However, do not attempt to dry it in your dryer! When it's totally dry,

5. Remove the ties and wash the cloth thoroughly in cold water.

6. Finally, admire your artwork.

It's not difficult as all, is it? Let's do it now

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